Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Replacing the Cable Assembly

  1. Connect the media tray power and data cable assembly to the back of the media tray.

  2. Pull the cable assembly through the opening in the cabinet to the front of the card cage.

    The cable assembly runs through the front of the fan tray shelf and the system cabinet pillar to the SCSI adapter assembly.

  3. Connect the cable assembly into the front of the SCSI adapter assembly (Figure E-6).

  4. Replace the side panel.

    See Chapter 12, Preparing for Service, for information on replacing the side panel.

  5. Close the front door.

  6. Place the front bezel against the cabinet with the ball studs aligned with the catches on the bezel.

    Tap or press both sides of the bezel into place (Figure E-5).

  7. Power on the Enterprise system.

    See the power on instructions in Chapter 11, Powering Off and On .