Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Maximizing Performance

The following guidelines will result in optimal memory interleaving across boards for performance. These guidelines are for optimal performance and are not requirements for a functional system. The guidelines apply to systems with no SIMMS installed and when adding SIMMs to a system; if you are adding SIMMs, you may need to move some SIMMs to meet the guidelines.

  1. Install one bank on each board before installing the second bank on any board.

    It does not matter whether the first bank is bank 0 or bank 1.

  2. Begin with the largest density banks first (128 Mbyte SIMMs), continue with medium sized banks (32 Mbyte SIMMs), and finish with the smallest banks (8 Mbyte SIMMs).

  3. If there is remaining memory, start filling the second banks on the boards in the same order as the first banks.