Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual


  1. Place the CPU/Memory+ board on which the SIMM is to be installed on an antistatic mat.

  2. Carefully remove the new SIMM from its protective packaging and place it on an antistatic surface.

    The bag that the SIMM is packed in makes a good antistatic surface.

  3. Press down on the ejector levers at both ends of the SIMM connector slot that will receive the new SIMM.

    The connector slot will not accept the SIMM unless the levers are in the insert position (Figure 3-14).

  4. Align the SIMM with the slot.

    Hold the SIMM by its edges and orient it so that the two notches at the bottom of the SIMM line up with the two tabs in the SIMM connector (Figure 3-14).

  5. Place your thumbs on the top edge of the SIMM and push the SIMM firmly into its connector (Figure 3-15).

  6. Lock the SIMM in place by pushing both ejector levers into the upright position (Figure 3-15).

  7. Install the CPU/Memory+ board and detach the wrist strap.

    See "Installing a Board".

  8. As you reboot the system, watch for the system banner to verify that the new memory is recognized by the system.

    Figure 3-14 Orienting a SIMM


    Figure 3-15 Installing a SIMM