Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Replacing Riser Cards

  1. Use the procedures in "Removing a Board", to remove the applicable I/O+ board.

  2. If a PCI card is already installed in the slot designated for replacement of the riser card, remove the card as indicated in "Removing a PCI Card".

    If there is no PCI card presently installed, proceed to Step 1.

  3. Remove two screws securing the existing riser card to the PCI+ I/O board (Figure 4-26) and remove the riser card.

  4. Secure the new riser card onto the PCI+ I/O board using the two screws removed in Step 1.

  5. If a PCI card was removed in Step 1, replace the card as indicated in the "Replacing or Installing a PCI Card".