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Sun Fire Midrange Systems Firmware 5.19.0 Release Notes



Firmware Documentation for Sun Fire Midrange and Entry-Level Midrange Systems

Features Introduced in 5.19.0

Supported Board Types

POST Performance Improvements

Availability Features Enhanced

Control Over Domain Panic Loops Added

Commands Added or Modified for 5.19.0

General Information

Requirements for Certain Midrange Systems

Firmware Compatibility

Using UltraSPARC IV+ System Boards in Domains

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Enable UltraSPARC IV+ Domain Support

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Display the Status of UltraSPARC IV+ Domain Support

UltraSPARC IV+ I/O Board DR Restriction

Firmware Upgrade and Downgrade

Power Supply Failures

Known Limitations for Sun Fire Midrange Systems

SNMP: FrameManager Does Not Have an Entry in the MIB and Frame State Traps (RFE 4987286)

sgcn_output_line(): OBP console blocked; message data lost (BugID 4939206)

Upgrade of Firmware Changes Connection Type (BugID 5060748, 6255332)

Board State Becomes Incorrect After setkeyswitch or testboard Operations (BugID 5066326)

Power Failure May Corrupt SEEPROM Contents (BugID 5093450)

Message "(tSshConn): memPartAlloc: block too big" Shown on SC Console (BugID 6279689, 6229067)

Board Becomes Unknown, setkeyswitch Fails (BugID 5066326)

showcomponent States disabled While enablecomponent States enabled (BugID 6284667)

RTOS: SC Does not Respond to ping but tNetTask Appears To Be Running (BugID 6287893)

Incorrect Message Output, When poweron Returns Failure (BugID 6287631)