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Sun Fire Entry-Level Midrange Systems Firmware 5.20.0 Release Notes



Firmware Documentation for Sun Fire Entry-Level Midrange (E2900/V1280/Netra 1280/Netra 1290) Systems

Features Introduced in the 5.20.0 Release

Supported Systems

Supported Board Types

Availability Features Receive Further Enhancements in 5.20.0

Commands Added or Changed for 5.20.0

General Information

Requirements for Entry-Level Midrange Systems

Sun Fire Link Interconnect Supported On Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 Operating Systems Only

Firmware Upgrade and Downgrade

Known Limitations for Sun Fire Entry-Level Midrange Systems

Change POSIX Time Zones 2007 Transition Dates - U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005 (BugID 6369788)

OBP show-post-results and ScApp showboards Output for I/O Type Do Not Match (BugID 6305912)

Upgrade of Firmware Changes Connection Type (BugID 5060748, 6255332)

sgcn_output_line(): OBP console blocked; message data lost (BugID 4939206)

Power Failure May Corrupt SEEPROM Contents (BugID 5093450)

prtdiag Still Shows the Previous USIV+ Processor Speed After DR In USIV+ Board With Different Speed (BugID 6372446)

panic:recursive mutex_enter, Then panic:panic sync timeout After cfgadm unconfigure N0.SB0::mem (BugID 6379866)

SBBC Reset Reason(s): Peer Reset, Watchdog Reset (BugID 6412546)