C H A P T E R  2

Physical Specifications

This chapter provides information about the physical characteristics of the Sun Fire E6900/E4900 systems, including dimensions, space needs, cable sizes, and limitations.

2.1 System Components

Sun Fire systems are available in the following enclosures:

TABLE 2-1 Sun Fire System Components

Sun Fire E6900 system

Standard 19-inch x 75-inch cabinet

6-slot CPU/Memory card cage

Sun Fire E4900 system

3-slot CPU/Memory card cage

The same CPU/Memory boards, PCI/PCI+/PCI-X I/O assemblies, and memory modules are used in the Sun Fire systems.

Internal storage devices are not supported.

FIGURE 2-1 Sun Fire E6900 System

Front and rear views of the Sun Fire E6900 system.

The maximum configuration for the Sun Fire E6900 system is:

FIGURE 2-2 Sun Fire E4900 System Mounted in Optional Sun Fire Cabinet

Front and rear views of the Sun Fire E4900 System Mounted in Optional Sun Fire Cabinet

The maximum configuration for the Sun Fire E4900 system is:

2.2 General Physical Guidelines

As you plan your space needs for the Sun Fire E6900/E4900 systems, keep these conditions in mind:

Consult your specific Sun Fire system installation guide for complete installation details.

2.2.1 Size and Space Specifications

Sun Fire systems and expansion cabinets can be placed next to each other, without space between them, since there are no side clearance requirements during operation. However, if access is desired, allow approximately 2 feet (60 centimeters) of space on each side to access and remove side panels. Thermal Clearance Specifications

The Sun Fire E6900/E4900 systems must maintain the minimum thermal distance between the rear of the system and any obstructions or walls. Requirements during operation are listed in the following table.

TABLE 2-2 Thermal Clearance for Sun Fire E6900/E4900 Systems


Front Clearance

Rear Clearance

Sun Fire E6900

48 in. (122 cm)

36 in. (91.4 cm)

Sun Fire E4900

48 in. (122 cm)

36 in. (91.4 cm)


FIGURE 2-3 Sun Fire E6900/E4900 Systems Access Areas--Top View

Top view of E6900 system or cabinet showing access clearances for front,4 feet, and rear, 3 feet

To determine space requirements for Sun Fire systems, use the following tables:


TABLE 2-4 Physical Specifications for Sun Fire E4900 System (System only)



Shipping height

45.3 in. (115 cm)

Shipping width

29.1 in. (74 cm)

Shipping depth

40.5 in. (103 cm)

Shipping weight (package on pallet)

350 lbs (158.8 kg)


30 in. (76.2 cm)


17.5 in. (44.6 cm)


28.5 in. (72.4 cm)


289 lbs (131.1 kg)

Power cord length

8.2 ft. (2.5 m)

Access requirement for front

36 in. (91 cm)

Access requirement for rear

36 in. (91 cm)

FIGURE 2-4 shows the dimensions of the Sun Fire E6900/E4900 systems crates.

FIGURE 2-5 shows the dimensions of the Sun Fire E6900 system cabinet.

FIGURE 2-6 shows the footprint dimensions of the Sun Fire E6900 system cabinet and the Sun Fire cabinet.

See Electrical Specifications for the Sun Fire E6900 Cabinet and Electrical Specifications for the Sun Fire E4900 System for system electrical specifications and receptacle model numbers.

FIGURE 2-4 Shipping C rate Dimensions

View showing shipping crate dimensions for E6900 system and cabinet and E4900 system

FIGURE 2-5 Sun Fire E6900 System Cabinet Dimensions

E6900 system cabinet dimensions

Note - For any peripheral tray in the processor cabinet OVER 20 in. (50.8 cm) in length, allow additional space for access to the front or rear doors where the peripheral will be loaded.

FIGURE 2-6 Sun Fire E6900 and Sun Fire Cabinet--Bottom Views

Sun Fire E6900 system and Sun Fire cabinet dimensions

Note - The holes in the hold down brackets are large enough to accommodate a
3/8-inch or 10-mm bolt using a flat washer and a split washer.

FIGURE 2-7 Sun Fire Cabinet and Sun Fire E6900 System With Hold-Down Brackets--Top View

Top view of E6900 system and cabinet showing the dimensions of the hole locations for the hold down brackets

2.3 Planning Your Access Route

If your existing loading dock meets height or ramp requirements for a standard freight carrier truck, you can use a pallet jack to unload the system. If not, you must provide a standard forklift[1] or other means to unload the system, or request the system be shipped in a truck with a lift gate.

See FIGURE 2-4 for an illustration of the system shipping crate and its dimensions. Each system is shipped in a separate crate. A pallet jack is required to move each shipping crate to the system location.

Leave each system in its shipping crate until it reaches its final destination. If the crate does not fit through the planned access route, partially disassemble it.

All systems not shipped in a cabinet should only be lifted by proper computer-lifting equipment to prevent personal injury and/or damage to system equipment.

The entire access route to your computer room should be free of raised patterns that can cause vibration, and the route must meet the following requirements:

TABLE 2-5 Access Route Clearance

With Shipping Pallet

Without Shipping Pallet

Minimum door height

81 in. (205 cm)

75 in. (190.5 cm)

Minimum hallway and door width

44 in. (112 cm)

25 in. (64 cm)

Minimum elevator depth

65.5 in. (166 cm)

61 in. (155 cm)

Maximum incline




TABLE 2-6 Weight Requirements

Minimum elevator, pallet jack, and floor loading capacity
(maximum weight per system)

1200 lbs (544 kg)



2.4 Network Connection Planning

This section provides network setup information for system startup and network connections for the Sun Fire E6900/E4900 systems and domains.

2.4.1 Setup and Network Connections

For system setup and continued administrative tasks, one serial cable and one RJ-45 Ethernet cable are required. Once the system has been set up, the Ethernet port can be used for most system administration tasks. Serial Connection

The initial system setup requires an ASCII terminal device connected to the serial port of the main system controller with a null modem cable or a network terminal server (NTS) connection. Ethernet Connections

Once the system is set up, most system administration tasks can be performed through the network via the Ethernet port, using a Category-5 Ethernet cable.

Ethernet Connections provides information on the number of Ethernet connections required for each system and domain.

TABLE 2-7 Ethernet Connections

Sun Fire System

System Controllers

Solaris Domains













2.4.2 Platform and Domain Setup Information

Before installing a Sun Fire E6900/E4900 system, determine the following information:


1 (Footnote) A standard forklift has a maximum outside tine dimension of 27 in. (69 cm) and a minimum inside tine dimension of 15 in. (38 cm).