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Sun Firetrademark Midrange Systems Firmware 5.16.0 Release Notes



Features Introduced in 5.16.0

Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol

SSH-Related Issues

Supported Board Types

Firmware Documentation for Sun Fire Midrange Systems

Commands New for 5.16.0

Commands Modified for 5.16.0

General Information

Requirements for Certain Midrange Systems

Sensor Status Messages


Sun Management Center

Firmware Compatibility

Firmware Upgrade and Downgrade

Power Supply Failures

Known Limitations for Sun Fire Midrange Systems

SC Hangs After Automatic setkeyswitch off (RFE 4454599)

No LED Fault Indicator on System Board After the Board Fails POST (RFE 4454623)

SC Prompt is Changed and Not Sync After Replacing SC With Old FW From Another Machine (BugID 4740301)

Cannot Boot the Solaris Operating Environment if Bus 1 of Schizo0 is Disabled in a Single I/O Board Domain (BugID 4779052)

Domain Hard Hang After Multiple reset-all Commands at OK Prompt (BugID 4951098)

Going to the Console from the SC Hangs the SC When Using the Maximum Number of Connections (BugID 4975123)

SC Sends an Incorrect Number of Console Connections to Sun Management Center (BugID 4975797)

SC Power Status in ScApp MIB is Not Updated After Powering Off the Spare SSC1 (BugID 4976504)

ScApp Does Not Warn if US-IV CPUs Are Powered On in a Non-Supported Chassis (BugID 4983481)

ScApp Does Not Provide SC Board Revision to Sun Management Center (BugID 4984780)

Frame Fan Tray and RTS Status Are Not Logged (BugID 4984203)

Error Events Are Being Reported After an Automatic Restoration Has Initiated (BugID 4985737)

SNMP: FrameManager Does Not Have an Entry in the MIB and Frame State Traps (BugID 4987286)