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Suntrademark Management Center 3.5 Version 3 Release Notes for Sun Firetrademark Midrange Systems



Changes in Software

General Information

Automatic Diagnosis and Recovery Features Not Reported

Use CLI Commands for Hot-Swapping Operations

Required Software Versions

Obtaining the Add-on Software

Finding the Documentation

Known Bugs

Platform Agent Physical View Still Shows Removed Components (Bug ID 4970824)

Platform Agent Monitor Slot SC View Shows System Controller Connected After Hot-Swapped Out (Bug ID 4973201)

Dynamic Reconfiguration Module Does Not Update Tables After Hot-Swap Operations on cPCI/hPCI Cards (Bug ID 4974969)

SC Table Displays Incorrect Values (Bug ID 4975830)

SC Power Status Is Not Updated in SC Table After Powering Off Spare System Controller (Bug ID 4976504)

When Power Supply Is Powered Off, Sun Management Center Does Not Receive Notice (Bug ID 4976872)

Platform Administration Tables Not Updated Quickly After Domain Dynamic Reconfiguration Operation (Bug ID 4979271)

Platform Administration Domain X View Keyswitch Operations Fail to Show Correct State (Bug ID 4982790)

SC Table Displays Incorrect SC Board Type for New SC Board Type (Bug ID 4983881)

Platform Administration Chassis and Domain X Syslog Loghosts Cannot Be Removed or Cleared (Bug ID 4984145)

Platform Administration Chassis and Domain X Trap Host Can Be Removed and Cleared (Bug ID 4984162)

Platform Administration Slot SC Time Zone Does Not Update Quickly When Changed Using CLI Command (Bug ID 4984906)

Platform Administration Slot System Controller Network Setup Accepts Invalid Network Mask and IP Address (Bug ID 4984961)

Upgrading Add-on Software Fails Using Sun Management Center 3.5 Install Wizard (Bug ID 4994230)

Agent Update Status Reports "Failed," But Is Actually Successful (Bug ID 4994784)

Documentation Errata

Package Table Has Some Incorrect Base Layers Where Packages Belong

Power Off Option Listed Incorrectly As Available for Power Supplies (Bug ID 4979650)

Chassis Uptime in Chassis Table Is Displayed in Milliseconds (Bug ID 4983723)

Power Supply Domain Is Missing From the Power Supply Table (Bug ID 4983868)

Platform Administration Test Board Option Is Available for CPU Boards Only (Bug ID 4984111)

L2 Repeater Name in L2 Repeater Table Should Be RPx (Bug ID 4985851)

Description for Property Disk Name in Disk Device Table Is Incorrect (Bug ID 4987337)

Descriptions of L2 Repeater and Fan Tray Domains Are Incorrect (Bug ID 4988664)