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Sun Firetrademark Midrange Systems Firmware 5.17.0 Release Notes



Firmware Documentation for Sun Fire Midrange and Entry-Level Midrange Systems

Features Introduced in 5.17.0

Persistent Logging


Commands Modified for 5.17.0

General Information

Minimum Requirements for Systems with UltraSPARC IVtrademark CPU/Memory Boards


Sun Management Center

Firmware Compatibility

Firmware Upgrade and Downgrade

Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol

Power Supply Failures

Known Limitations for Sun Fire Midrange Systems

SC Hangs After Automatic setkeyswitch off (RFE 4454599)

Domain Hard Hang After Multiple reset-all Commands at OK Prompt (BugID 4951098)

ScApp Does Not Provide SC Board Revision to Sun Management Center (BugID 4984780)

Frame Fan Tray and RTS Status Are Not Logged (BugID 4984203)

Error Events Are Being Reported After an Automatic Restoration Has Initiated (BugID 4985737)

SNMP: FrameManager Does Not Have an Entry in the MIB and Frame State Traps (BugID 4987286)

Repetitive Message "The error buffer is full" Can Overwrite Persistent Logs (BugID 4987854)

After Bootup, "Enable Sun Fire Link?" Is Not Enabled Even When It Says Yes (BugID 4994112)

Functioning A184 PS Are Not Detected and Acknowledged as Powered On (BugID 4994905)

After Doing a Setkeyswitch On, the SC Shows a Warning (BugID 5010907)

"The error buffer is full" Message is Misleading (BugID 5011243)