Access control list. In order to assign a board to a domain with the addboard command, the board name must be listed in the access control list (ACL). The ACL is checked when a domain makes an addboard or a testboard request on that board. On the Sun Fire 3800 system, all power supplies have switches on them to power them on. These power supplies must be listed in the ACL.

active board state

When the board state is active, the slot has hardware installed in it. The hardware is being used by the domain to which it was assigned. Active boards cannot be reassigned.

assigned board state

When a board state is assigned, the slot belongs to a domain but the hardware is not necessarily tested and configured for use. The slot can be given up by the domain administrator or reassigned by the platform administrator.

auto-diagnosis (AD) engine

A firmware feature that detects and diagnoses hardware errors that affect the availability of a platform and its domains.

available board state

When a board state is available, the slot is not assigned to any particular domain.

Capacity on Demand (COD)

Capacity on Demand (COD) is an option that provides additional processing resources (CPUs) when you need them. These additional CPUs are provided on COD CPU/Memory boards that are installed in Sun Fire midrange systems systems. You can access the COD CPUs after you purchase the COD right-to-use (RTU) licenses for them.


Component health status. The component maintains information regarding its health, including the diagnosis information generated by the auto-diagnosis (AD) engine.


A domain runs its own instance of the Solaris operating environment and is independent of other domains. Each domain has its own CPUs, memory, and I/O assemblies. Fireplane switches are shared between domains in the same segment.

domain administrator

The domain administrator manages the domain.


Digital Signature Algorithm standard, published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The digital authentication standard of the U.S. government.


The switchover of the main system controller to its spare or the system controller clock source to another system controller clock source when a failure occurs in the operation of the main system controller or the clock source.

Fireplane switch

A crossbar switch, also referred to as a Repeater board, that connects multiple CPU/Memory boards and I/O assemblies. Having the required number of Fireplane switches is mandatory for operation. There are Fireplane switches in each midrange system except for the Sun Fire 3800. In the Sun Fire 3800 system, the equivalent of two Fireplane switches are integrated into the active centerplane.


See instant access CPUs.

instant access CPUs

Unlicensed COD CPUs on COD CPU/Memory boards installed in Sun Fire midrange systems. You can access up to a maximum of four COD CPUs for immediate use while you are purchasing the COD right-to-use (RTU) licenses for the COD CPUs. Also referred to as headroom.


See segment.

persistent logging

The storage of certain SC-generated message logs and system errors in the NVRAM of SC V2s (enhanced-memory system controllers).

platform administrator

The platform administrator manages hardware resources across domains.


A board connector.

Repeater board

See Fireplane switch.


Created by Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman (RSA), it is the most popular form of public-key cryptography.


Redundant transfer switch.


Redundant transfer unit.

RTU license

Right-to-use license.


A segment, also referred to as a partition, is a group of Fireplane switches that are used together to provide communication between CPU/Memory boards and I/O assemblies in the same domain. You can set up the system with one segment or two segments using the system controller setupplatform command. Segments do not share Fireplane switches.

SNMP agent

Simple Network Management Protocol agent. Enables or disables the SNMP agent.


Secure Shell. A client/server protocol that provides secure access to a shell.

Sun Management Center software

A graphical user interface that monitors your system.

system controller firmware

The application that performs all of the system controller configuration functions.