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Sun Firetrademark Midrange Systems Firmware 5.18.0 Release Notes



Firmware Documentation for Sun Fire Midrange and Entry-Level Midrange Systems

New Features

DHCP Network Boot Changes

General Information

Firmware Compatibility

Firmware Upgrade and Downgrade

Power Supply Failures

Known Limitations for Sun Fire Midrange Systems

SC Hangs After Automatic setkeyswitch off (RFE 4454599)

SNMP: FrameManager Does Not Have an Entry in the MIB and Frame State Traps (RFE 4987286)

sgcn_output_line(): OBP console blocked; message data lost (BugID 4939206)

SC is "hard hung" Doing a dumpconfig to Host With TCP Wrappers (BugID 5028357)

Upgrade of Firmware Changes Connection Type (BugID 5060748)

Board State Becomes Incorrect After setkeyswitch or testboard Operations (BugID 5066326)

disablecomponent Fails to Blacklist an I/O Card (BugID 5074564)

Wanboot "panic - boot: create_ramdisk: fatal error" on Sun Fire Midrange Server Platforms (BugID 5076076)

ERROR: DomainBufferReader thread error java.lang. NullPointerException (BugID 5088923)

Power Failure May Corrupt SEEPROM Contents (BugID 5093450)

Removing an SC, Even Though it Has Been Powered Off, Can Cause a Domain Outage (BugID 5105071)