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Sun Management Center 3.5 Version 6 Release Notes for Sun Fire Midrange Systems



What's New in This Release

Supported Systems and Environments

Recommended Patches

Obtaining the Add-On Software


General Information

Automatic Diagnosis and Recovery Features Not Reported

Use CLI Commands for Hot-Swapping Operations

Known Bugs

Physical View and Logical View Do Not Display IO Board Information When SB Slots Empty

Platform Agent Information Not Retained When Upgrading, Reinstalling

Modification of ESDIR Slows Physical & Logical View Updates

Platform Administration Module Might Generate Erroneous Failover Alarm

Platform Chassis Table Displays Erroneous Slots Quantity

Platform Slots CPU Boards Table Sometimes Displays Erroneous unknown Test Status

Agent Update Status Reports Failed, But Is Actually Successful

Platform Administration Module Displays Indeterminate State Icon After Network Connection Is Recovered

Illegible Timestamp Values in Data Acquisition Table

Platform Administration Chassis and Domain X Syslog Loghosts Cannot Be Removed or Cleared

Platform Administration Chassis and Domain X Trap Host Can Be Removed and Cleared

Platform Administration Slot SC Time Zone Does Not Update Quickly When Changed Using CLI Command