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Sun Fire Midrange Systems Firmware 5.20.1 Release Notes



Firmware Documentation for Sun Fire Midrange and Entry-Level Midrange Systems

Features Introduced in 5.20.1

Support for Limited Dual Domain Operation With UltraSPARC IV+ CPU/Memory Boards

Commands Added or Modified for 5.20.1

General Information

Requirements for Certain Midrange Systems

Using UltraSPARC IV+ System Boards in Domains

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Configure UltraSPARC IV+ Domain Support

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Display the Status of UltraSPARC IV+ Domain Support

Known Limitations for Sun Fire Midrange Systems

prtdiag Still Shows the System Board After the Board Was DR'ed Out of the Domain (CR ID 6298989)

Memory Page Retirement Support Should be Enabled by Default (CR ID 6411108)

setupplatform should ask for Partition Mode first (CR ID 6429408)