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1. Getting Started

Unpacking the Kit
What Next

2. Installing the Server Into the Cabinet

Before You Begin
Safety and System Performance Cautions
Tools, Equipment, and Documentation Required
Preparing the Server
Remove Components
Overview of Parts to Be Removed From the Chassis
Remove the Handle From Each Side Door
Remove the Fenders and Lower Side Panels
Install the Lifting Handles
Attach the Server Cable Management Bracket
Preparing the Cabinet
Installing the Tray Assembly Into the Cabinet
Adjust the Rear Brackets
Determine the Vertical Position of the Server in the Cabinet
Attach the Tray Assembly to the Cabinet
Installing the Server Into the Tray Assembly
Restoring the Server
Securing the Server in the Cabinet
Installing Trim Strips
Restoring the Cabinet
Managing Cables
Attach the Cable Management Bracket to the Cabinet
What Next

A. Cabinet Requirements

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