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Sun Firetrademark Entry-Level Midrange Systems Firmware 5.17.0 Release Notes



Features Introduced in the 5.17.0 Release

Automatic Diagnosis and Domain Restoration

Domain Diagnosis Events

Component Location Status

Persistent Logging


Supported Board Types

Commands Modified for 5.17.0

Documentation for Sun Fire Entry-Level Midrange (E2900/V1280/Netra 1280) Systems

General Information

Requirements for Entry-Level Midrange Systems

Firmware Compatibility

Known Limitations for Sun Fire Entry-Level Midrange Systems

Domain Hard Hang After Multiple reset-all Commands at OK Prompt (BugID 4951098)

Console Input Does Not Resume on a Failed Cycle Keyswitch(BugID 4992950)

Error Events Are Being Reported After an Automatic Restoration Has Initiated (BugID 4985737)

Repetitive Message "The error buffer is full" Can Overwrite Persistent Logs (BugID 4987854)

"The error buffer is full" Message is Misleading (BugID 5011243)