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This appendix provides the Netra 240 server specifications. This appendix is divided into the following sections:

Physical Specifications

TABLE D-1 Physical Specifications of the Netra 240 Server

Netra 240 Server Dimensions


Height 2 rack units (RU)

3.44 inches (87.4 mm)

Width without bezel

16.73 inches (425 mm)

Width with bezel

17.4 inches (442 mm)

Depth from front bezel to system board connectors

19.0 inches (483 mm)

Depth to rear of power supply unit handle

20.06 inches (509.5 mm)

Weight (approximate) with full configuration
(not including PCI cards and mounting brackets)

36 lbs (16.33 kg)

Weight (approximate) with full configuration
(including PCI cards and mounting brackets)

41 lbs (18.6 kg)

Environmental Requirements

You can operate and store the system safely in the conditions detailed in TABLE D-2.

TABLE D-2 DC and AC Server Operating and Storage Specifications




Ambient temperature

5°C (41°F) to 40°C (104°F)

Short term[1]:
-5°C (23°F) to 55°C (131°F)

-40°C (-40°F) to 70°C (158°F)

Relative humidity

5% to 85% relative humidity, noncondensing

Short termi: 5% to 90% relative humidity, noncondensing, but not to exceed
0.024 kg water/kg dry air
(0.053 lbs. water/2.205 lb. dry air)

Up to 93% relative humidity noncondensing,
38°C (100.4°F) max wet bulb


Up to 3000 m (9842.4 ft.)

Up to 12000 m (39369.6 ft.)

Acoustic Noise Emissions

The acoustic noise emissions on a Netra 240 server are as follows:

Declared noise emissions are in accordance with ISO 9296 standards.

Electrical Specifications

TABLE D-3 gives operating power limits for the DC version of the Netra 240 server, and TABLE D-4 provides the limits for the AC version of the server.

TABLE D-3 DC Operating Power Limits and Ranges


Limit or Range

Operating Input Voltage Range

-40 VDC to -75 VDC

Maximum Operating Input Current

15 A @ 40 V

Maximum Operating Input Power

571 W

TABLE D-4 AC Operating Power Limits and Ranges


Limit or Range

Operating Input Voltage Range

90 - 264 VAC

Operating Frequency Range

47 - 63 Hz

Maximum Operating Input Current

6.5 A @ 100 VAC

Maximum Operating Input Power

556 W

Note - The figures for the maximum operating current are provided to help you specify the fusing and cabling you need to deliver power to your equipment. However, these figures represent worst-case scenarios.

NEBS Level 3 Compliance for the DC-Powered Server

Telcordia certified that the DC-powered version of the Netra 240 server meets
NEBS Level 3 requirements per SR-3580, including the appropriate sections of
GR-63-CORE (Network Equipment-Building System Requirements: Physical Protection) and GR-1089-CORE (Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety - Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications Equipment).

caution icon

Caution - To maintain NEBS compliance, the network management (NET MGT) Ethernet port and the RJ-45 serial management (SERIAL MGT) port must use shielded cables and both ends of the shield must be grounded. Refer to the Netra 240 Installation Guide(817-2698) for cabling information.


1 (TableFootnote) Short term (no more than 96 hours) temperature and humidity limits apply to servers with altitudes up to 1800 m (5905.44 ft.).