JavaStation Client Software Guide

JavaStation Model Comparison

As shown in the table below, the first-generation "brick" JavaStation computer must download JavaOS from a boot server over Ethernet. These computers are appropriate for local-area network (LAN) deployment where 10Base-T Ethernet networking is available.

The second generation "tower" JavaStation computers are ideal for remote or Wide Area Network (WAN) environments in addition to local 10Base-T and 100Base-T LAN environments. The integrated flash RAM enables these JavaStation computers to be installed remotely and deployed across a WAN or corporate extranet.

Table 1-1 JavaStation Comparison for LAN and WAN Environments


Brick Model JavaStation 

Tower Model JavaStation 

Target Environment 


  • LAN

  • WAN


Network boot 

  • Network boot

  • Flash RAM



  • 10/100Base-T

  • PPP over telephone line