JavaStation Client Software Guide

Troubleshooting Key Chords

JavaStation computers that boot using the Java Coffee Cup progress indicator also support key chords that can be pressed at the JavaStation keyboard to diagnose boot problems. You must press the chord within four seconds after power on. It may be helpful to press and hold the chord while powering on the JavaStation computer.

Table 3-1 Troubleshooting Key Chords

Key Chord 


Effect When Pressed At Power-On  


Debug network boot process 

Displays debugging information on booting over the network.  


Display system information 

Displays total memory, Ethernet address, and firmware information (the display is similar to the error image above).  


Run diagnostics 

Runs PROM-resident diagnostics and POST. 


Try flash booting last 

Re-orders the default boot order to try booting in the following sequence: Ethernet, flash. 


Show all key chords 

Displays all available key chord combinations.