JavaStation Client Software Guide

Video Resolution Properties

The table below lists properties that control video resolution on the JavaStation user's screen.

Table 4-3 JavaOS Video Resolution Properties

Property Name 

Default Value 




Specifies a new frame buffer resolution to be set at boot time. The syntax of resolution parameters is widthxheightxdepth@vfreq, where depth is optional. Currently, only 8-bit depth is supported. For example,




If javaos.fbDimensions is specified, the user will be prompted by a Video Mode Confirmation dialog. If the user selects OK, the video mode is set to the newly specified mode. The user must then accept the new video mode by selecting YES. If they fail to select YES within a 10-second period or if they select NO, the video mode reverts to its original mode.

If this property is set to false, the confirmation window is disabled.