JavaStation Client Software Guide

User Properties

The table below lists miscellaneous user properties that affect JavaOS operation. Most are related to localization. Certain settings cause other settings to be assumed. For example, setting user.region to ja causes the system to assume the JST time zone, even if user.timezone is not defined.

Table 4-4 JavaOS User Properties

Property Name 

Default Value 




This system property tells the Java date and time API the time zone in which the JavaStation system is located. Example: -Duser.timezone=PST. Valid time zones are as follows (this list is from java.util.TimeZone.) The default time zone is GMT.

  • GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

  • ECT - European Central Time

  • EET - Eastern European Time

  • ART - (Arabic) Egypt Standard Time

  • EAT - Eastern African Time

  • MET - Middle East Time

  • NET - Near East Time

  • PLT - Pakistan Lahore Time

  • IST - India Standard Time

  • BST - Bangladesh Standard Time

  • VST - Vietnam Standard Time

  • CTT - China Taiwan Time

  • JST - Japan Standard Time

  • ACT - Australia Central Time

  • AET - Australia Eastern Time

  • SST - Solomon Standard Time

  • NST - New Zealand Standard Time

  • MIT - Midway Islands Time

  • HST - Hawaii Standard Time

  • AST - Alaska Standard Time

  • PST - Pacific Standard Time

  • PNT - Phoenix Standard Time

  • MST - Mountain Standard Time

  • CST - Central Standard Time

  • EST - Eastern Standard Time

  • IET - Indiana Eastern Standard Time

  • PRT - Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Time

  • CNT - Canada Newfoundland Time

  • AGT - Argentina Standard Time

  • BET - Brazil Eastern Time

  • CAT - Central African Time



This system property must be set to a valid, lowercase, ISO-639 Language Code. Exceptions to this rule are to use cs for Czech and iw for Hebrew, as the current Language Codes havebeen updated since the JDK1.1 was implemented. Valid codes are described in Table 10-2. Example: -Duser.language=en


This system property must be set to a valid ISO-3166 Country Code. Valid codes are described in Table 10-3. Example: