JavaStation Client Software Guide

Printing Properties

The table below lists properties related to printing. Instructions for using these properties are in Chapter 9, JavaStation Peripherals .

Note -

Due to space constraints, property names may take up two or more lines in the table below. However, they should be typed on one line only. For example, the second property below is javaos.printservice.lpd.printers.

Table 4-5 JavaOS Printing Properties

Property Name 

Default Value 



printers. conf. byname

The name of the NIS map used to locate network printers.  

javaos.printservice.lpd. printers


A semicolon-separated list of printers available for use by the lpd printing client. The format of each entry is printer@server.

javaos.printdialog. alwaysShowPrinters


A semicolon-separated list of all the printers available from this host. This property enables administrators to add access to the printer nearest a given JavaStation. The syntax of the printer name is print_service:printer@server. Example:

-djavaos.printdialog.alwaysShowPrinters =lpd:raw@kona;lpd:ps@kona; NIS:droid@fred



A semicolon-separated list of the printers the user has selected to appear in print dialogs. The format is the same as for alwaysShowPrinters. This is a system property. Example: -Djavaos.printers.selected=raw@kona; ps@kona;droid@fred

javaos.printservice. local.params.serial-port


This property sets the communications parameters for the serial port.  

The port portion of this property is the name of a serial port, which can be:

  • SerialA or SerialB for an on-board JavaStation serial port (Serial B is not available on any JavaStation model at this writing)

  • One of SerialP1 through SerialP8 for a virtual serial port enabled by the multiport serial card (MPSC), which is not available on any JavaStation model at this writing

The syntax of the communication parameters is baud_rate:data_bits:stop_bit: parity: flow_control. For example: -djavaos.printservice.local.params. serial-SerialA=57600:8:1:none:hh

Valid values for each parameter are as follows: 

  • baud_rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200

  • data_bits: 5, 6, 7, 8

  • stop_bits: 1, 1.5, 2

  • parity: none, odd, even

  • flow_control: none, {s,h}{s,h} You can disable flow control by specifying none. Otherwise, specify an {input}{output} pair by selecting from Xon/Xoff (s) or RTS/CTS (h) for input and output.

javaos.printservice. local.params.parallel-port


The port portion of this property is the name of a parallel port. A parallel port is not available on any JavaStation model at this writing.

When set to true, this property enables the parallel port. For example: 

-djavaos.printservice.local.params. parallel-LPT1=true