JavaStation Client Software Guide

lpd Network Printers

You can use two different properties to specify lpd printer names to the JavaOS software.

To Set Up lpd Printer Access
  1. Use either javaos.printers.selected or javaos.printservice.lpd.printers to list the lpd printers accessible to the JavaStation computer.

    • The javaos.printers.selected property is a semicolon-separated list of entries with the syntax print_service:printer@server. It is a system property that must be set using the -D flag. For example:


      The javaos.printers.selected property can list both NIS and lpd printers. For example:


    • Alternatively, you can use the javaos.printservice.lpd.printers property to specify lpd printers. The syntax for each printer is printer@server. For example: