JavaStation Client Software Guide

NIS Network Printers

The JavaOS software receives NIS printer names in a JavaOS property and relies on the NIS map printers.conf.byname for printer addresses. To set up NIS printer access for the JavaStation computer, use the following procedure.

To Set Up NIS Printer Access
  1. Use the javaos.printers.selected property to set printer names.

    This property is a semicolon-separated list of entries with the syntax print_service:printer@server. For example:


    The above example specifies that mde and mdecolor are NIS printers available to the JavaStation computer, and that mde-host is their server.

  2. Set up an NIS printer map.

    The printers.conf.byname NIS map is the default NIS map for printers for the JavaStation computer.

    • If printers.conf.byname already exists, you do not need to do anything.

    • If the name of the NIS printer map is something other than printers.conf.byname, you can configure the JavaOS software to use the new map name by setting the javaos.printservice.NIS.mapname property. For example:


    • Whenever you add or remove printers, follow the procedure below to update the NIS map (must be done every time).

To Create an NIS Printer Map
  1. On the NIS server, use Admintool to set up the printers.

    Refer to the chapter titled "Managing Printing Services" in the Solaris 2.6 System Administrator Guide.

  2. On the NIS server, become root and type the following commands to push the map out.

    # cd /var/yp
    # /usr/ccs/bin/make -f /var/yp/Makefile -f /usr/lib/print/Makefile.yp \