The Netra CT Server Software Developer's Guide contains information for developers writing application software for the Netratrademark CT 810 and 410 servers. This manual assumes you are a software developer familiar with UNIX commands and networking applications.

How This Book Is Organized

Chapter 1 contains an overview of the Netra CT software and lists the requirements for developing software applications for the platform.

Chapter 2 displays the system's various equipment models. The diagrams in this chapter demonstrate how the Netra CT software views the hardware components.

Chapter 3 offers a tutorial in writing applications that interface with the Netra CT server software.

Chapter 4 introduces the application programming interfaces for the Netra CT server including the Netra CT element management agent software.

Chapter 5 describes the Netra CT Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management information base (MIB).

Chapter 6 presents the design of the Netra CT software modules and how they relate to each other.

Chapter 7 provides an overview of the Netra CT Processor Management Services (PMS) software.

Chapter 8 defines the Solaristrademark operating system's platform information and control library (PICL) software and how you can use it to set the watchdog timer.

For obscure or difficult terminology definition, see the Glossary.

Typographic Conventions





The names of commands, files, and directories; on-screen computer output

Edit your.login file.

Use ls -a to list all files.

% You have mail.


What you type, when contrasted with on-screen computer output

% su



Book titles, new words or terms, words to be emphasized. Replace command-line variables with real names or values.

Read Chapter 6 in the User's Guide.

These are called class options.

You must be superuser to do this.

To delete a file, type rm filename.

Shell Prompts



C shell


C shell superuser


Bourne shell and Korn shell


Bourne shell and Korn shell superuser


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You might want to refer to documentation on the following software for additional information: the Solaris operating environment, the ChorusOStrademark environment, OpenBoottrademark PROM firmware, and the Netra High Availability (HA) Suite.

Table listing other documents that are related to this book or product.

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