Code Samples

CODE EXAMPLE 3-1 small spaceSample code with Netra CT Security

CODE EXAMPLE 3-2 small spaceCreating a Client to Communicate With the Netra CT Agent (Part 1)

CODE EXAMPLE 3-3 small spaceGetting the Root MBean Object Name (Part 2)

CODE EXAMPLE 3-4 small spaceTraversing the Containment Hierarchy From a Node (Part 3)

CODE EXAMPLE 3-5 small spaceRMI Example of Listening for MOH Notifications

CODE EXAMPLE 3-6 small spaceRegistering a NotificationListener With an AlarmNotificationFilter

CODE EXAMPLE 3-7 small spaceUsing the Default Alarm Severity Profile

CODE EXAMPLE 3-8 small spaceCreating an Alarm Severity Profile

CODE EXAMPLE 3-9 small spaceAssigning a New Alarm Severity Profile

CODE EXAMPLE 3-10 small spaceExtract of Using the Default Alarm Severity Profile

CODE EXAMPLE 3-11 small spaceExtract of Assigning a New Alarm Severity Profile

CODE EXAMPLE 3-12 small spaceSoftware Monitor Test (Part 1)

CODE EXAMPLE 3-13 small spaceTraversing the Software Service List (Part 2)

CODE EXAMPLE 3-14 small spaceGetting the List of Service Daemons (Part 3)

CODE EXAMPLE 5-1 small spaceIndex of the Midplane Object

CODE EXAMPLE 5-2 small spaceIdentifying the Midplane's Current Location

CODE EXAMPLE 5-3 small spaceCreating an Entry in the Profile Table

CODE EXAMPLE 5-4 small spaceAutomatic Entry Created in Corresponding Alarm Severity Table

CODE EXAMPLE 5-5 small spaceSetting the Alarm Severity for the Profile Table

CODE EXAMPLE 5-6 small spaceSetting the Index Entry Corresponding to the Thermistor

CODE EXAMPLE 7-1 small spacePMS Client Initialization Example

CODE EXAMPLE 7-2 small spacePMS Client Main Thread

CODE EXAMPLE 7-3 small spacePMS Client Asynchronous Message Handling

CODE EXAMPLE 7-4 small spacePMS Client Scheduling Example

CODE EXAMPLE 7-5 small spacePMS Client User and Management Interface

CODE EXAMPLE 7-6 small spacePMS Client Node Interface

CODE EXAMPLE 7-7 small spacePMS Client RND Interface

CODE EXAMPLE 8-1 small spaceExample Output of PICL Temperature Sensors

CODE EXAMPLE 8-2 small spaceExample of watchdog-controller

CODE EXAMPLE 8-3 small spaceSample Output of prtfru Command