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Netra 440 Server Service Manual






1. Identifying the Netra 440 Server FRUs and LEDs

Locating Front Panel Components and LEDs

Front Panel Components

Front Panel LEDs

Enclosure Status LEDs

Hard Drive Status LEDs

Fan Tray Status LEDs (0-2)

Alarm LEDs

Locating Back Panel Components and LEDs

Back Panel Components

Back Panel LEDs

Ethernet Connection LEDs

Enclosure Status LEDs

Network Management Port LED

Power Supply LEDs

Back Panel Slots and Ports

PCI Slots

External Ports

ALOM System Controller Card External Ports

Locating Internal Components

2. Preparing to Service the System

Service Guidelines

Tools Required for Installation and Service

Controlling Server Power

Powering On the System

Powering On the System Locally

Powering On the System Remotely

Powering Off the System

Powering Off the Server Locally

Powering Off the System Remotely

Initiating a Reconfiguration Boot

Accessing Internal Components

Removing the Top Cover

Installing the Top Cover

Avoiding Electrostatic Discharge

3. Removing and Replacing Hot-Swappable Components

Fan Trays (0-2)

Removing a Fan Tray (0-2)

Installing a Fan Tray (0-2)

Power Supplies

Removing a Power Supply

Installing a Power Supply

Hard Drives

Removing a Hard Drive

Installing a Hard Drive

Air Filter

Installing the Air Filter

4. Removing and Replacing Cold-Swappable Components

DVD Drive

Removing the DVD Drive

Installing the DVD Drive

System Configuration Card (SCC)

Removing the System Configuration Card

Installing the System Configuration Card

System Configuration Card Reader

Removing the System Configuration Card Reader

Installing the System Configuration Card Reader

SCSI Backplane

Removing the SCSI Backplane

Installing the SCSI Backplane

Fan Tray 3

Removing Fan Tray 3

Installing Fan Tray 3

CPU/Memory Module

Removing a CPU/Memory Module

Installing a CPU/Memory Module

Memory Modules

Memory Interleaving

Removing a Memory Module

Installing a Memory Module

PCI Cards

Removing a PCI Card

Installing a PCI Card

ALOM System Controller Card

Removing the ALOM System Controller Card

Installing the ALOM System Controller Card

Alarm Card

Removing the Alarm Card

Installing the Alarm Card

Power Distribution Board

Removing the Power Distribution Board

Installing the Power Distribution Board


Removing the Motherboard

Installing the Motherboard

A. Illustrated Parts Breakdown

Front Panel Components and Fan Tray 3 Assembly

Motherboard and Other Miscellaneous Components

Rackmount Kits

B. Connector Pinouts

Serial Port (TTYB)

USB Ports

Ethernet Ports

Network Management Port

Serial Management Port (SERIAL MGT)


Alarm Port

C. System Specifications

Physical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

AC Operating Power Limits and Ranges

DC Power Source Requirements

Environmental Specifications

Clearance and Service Access Specifications

D. Board Connector Locations

Motherboard Connectors

SCSI Backplane Connectors

ALOM System Controller Card Connectors