Sun Management Center 3.5 Performance Reporting Manager User's Guide

Composite Report Requests

Performance Reporting Manager enables you to combine two or more existing report requests to create a new report request. The resulting report request is called a composite report request. To create a composite report request, you can use existing standard or custom report requests, or a combination of both types. A composite report request combines the options of the report requests used. You specify a new name for the composite report request. The report then is identified in the hierarchy view under the category and subcategory selected.

If the host name is not defined in any report request, you cannot select that request to become part of a composite report request. For example, you cannot select any report request for which the option Add Hosts at Runtime was specified.

You cannot delete or rename any existing standard or custom report request once it is referenced by a composite report request. You must first delete the composite report request.

To Create a Composite Report Request
  1. From the Report Manager File menu, choose New, then select Composite Request Request.

    The Composite Report Request dialog box opens.

  2. Select the desired category and subcategory from the drop-down menus.

  3. Type a name for the report in the Name field.

  4. Select the desired reports from the left pane. Use the Add button to move the reports to the right pane that is titled Selected Report Requests.

    Use the Remove button if you select a report you do not want. The Remove All button clears all selections from the right pane.

  5. (Optional) Click Preview to see a preview of the report.

    A preview of the report output is displayed in a new window. The data that has already been collected is used for a preview of a report request.

  6. Click OK to save the report request.

    The composite report request is now saved. The title of the composite report request appears in the hierarchy view under the category and subcategory selected. This report is available until it is deleted.