Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

Starting the Solaris Resource Manager Daemon

The limdaemon(1MSRM) program is the Solaris Resource Manager user-mode daemon. It is normally invoked at transition to run-level 2 or 3 as the last step in the Solaris Resource Manager init.d script. It shouldn't be confused with the srmgr system process (in the SYS class) that is initiated by the kernel. The following ps(1) listing shows both these processes:

# ps -efc | egrep 'limdaemon|srmgr' 
root     4     0  SYS  60 18:42:14 ?        0:05 srmgr    
root    92     1  SHR  19 18:42:32 ?        0:41 limdaemon

The limdaemon program performs the following functions:

When notified of Solaris Resource Manager login sessions, limdaemon monitors the terminal connect-time of all users and checks it against their connect-time limits. When limits are nearly reached, users are sent notification messages. Once the expiration time is reached, a further grace period is allowed before all their processes are terminated and they are logged out.

The limdaemon program decays connect-time usages. Usage decay for the terminal device category must be performed, if connect-time limits are used. Refer to Using limdaemon for information on limdaemon command-line options.