Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

Attribute for Limiting Physical Memory Usage

A physical memory resource cap can be defined for an lnode or a project (depending on the mode in use) by adding an attribute to the lnode or project.

The lnode attribute used to assign a resident set size (RSS) cap is:


The rss.limit attribute defines the physical memory cap, in specified units, that is applied to collections of processes attached to an lnode. The cap must be a positive number.

rss.limit is set through limadm(1MSRM). For example, to set a 10-gigabyte RSS cap for the lnode oracle, type:

# /usr/srm/sbin/limadm set rss.limit=10G oracle

The project attribute used to establish an RSS cap is:


The rcap.max-rss attribute defines the total amount of physical memory, in bytes, that is available to processes attached to a project. The cap must be a positive number.

rcap.max-rss is configured in the project(4) database. For example, the following line in the project database sets an RSS cap for a project named oracle.