Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

A More Complex Example

The following example shows a more complex scenario in which processor sets and Solaris Resource Manager CPU shares are mixed.

Graphic description provided in context. Refer to two paragraphs that immediately follow graphic.

Users 1 and 3 have 10 Solaris Resource Manager shares each and are restricted to processor set A (1 CPU). User 2 has 80 Solaris Resource Manager shares and is restricted to processor set B (1 CPU).

In this example, user 2 will consume its entire processor set (50 percent of the system). Because user 2 is only using 50 percent (rather than its allocated 80 percent), users 1 and 3 are able to use the remaining 50 percent. This will mean that users 1 and 3 get 25 percent of the system, even though they are allocated only 10 shares each.