Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

Using Accrued Usage Parameters

Several Solaris Resource Manager parameters are used for keeping track of system resource usage accrual: CPU shares, number of logins, and connect-time. However, in the case of switchover or failover, usage accrual data (CPU usage, number of logins, and connect-time) will restart at zero by default on the new master for all applications that were switched or failed over. Accrual data is not transferred dynamically across nodes.

To avoid invalidating the accuracy of the Solaris Resource Manager usage accrual reporting feature, you can create scripts to gather accrual information from the cluster nodes. Because an application might run on any of its potential masters during an accrual period, the scripts should gather accrual information from all possible masters of a given application. For more information, see Chapter 9, Usage Data.