Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

The limreport Command

The limreport command allows an administrator to query any attributes, including the accrue attributes, of any user. The command provides a flexible way to select information to be displayed from the chosen lnodes.

For example, the command:

% limreport 'cpu.accrue!=0' '%u %s %f\n' uid lname cpu.accrue 

selects all lnodes with any accrued usage in the usr domain, and lists the UID and accrued usage attribute from each of the selected lnodes. To sort these values by cpu.accrue and list only the top 10 users, pipe the result to a sort command:

% limreport 'cpu.accrue!=0' '%u %s %f\n' uid lname cpu.accrue | sort -2n | head

Refer to limreport(1SRM) for additional information.