Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

The limadm Command

The limadm command can be used within a billing system to zero the accrue attributes after they have been billed. For example, the command:

# limreport 1 '%u\tcpu.accrue=0,mem.accrue=0\n' uid | limadm set -u -f -

uses the limreport command to generate a list of commands piped to limadm. Every lnode is selected, and for each lnode, the accrue attribute is zeroed.

The administrator should take care in determining when to clear the accrue attribute of an lnode. The timing will depend on the billing strategy. For example, if bills are to be produced at a group level, and then individual bills are to be produced for the group members, the accrue attributes of the group members should not be cleared until after both bills have been produced. However, if individual bills are not to be produced, the group members' accrue attributes should be cleared at the same time as the group header's, even though they may not have been individually used.

Refer to limadm(1MSRM) for additional information.