System Administration Guide: Network Services

show Subcommand

This subcommand provides a list of shares by group. By specifying one or more share groups, you can limit the output to a list of shares in the specified groups. If no groups are specified, the list shows the shares in each group.

This subcommand supports the following options:


Shows you the properties assigned to each group.


Is the verbose option. If included, the verbose option provides the resource name and descriptions of each share.


Creates an XML file for the output. Because this option automatically includes the information you would get from the -p and -v options, no other options are needed when you use this option.


Provides an online-help description.

This subcommand uses the following syntax:

# sharemgr show [-h] [-v] [-p] [-x] [share_group...]

The following example uses the -p option to show the shares and group properties for my_group:

example01# sharemgr show -p my_group
my_group	nfs=(rw=true nosuid=true)

The next example uses the -v option to show the shares in my_group and their descriptions:

example02# sharemgr show -v my_group
	HOME0=/export/home/home0	"Home directory set 0"
	HOME1=/export/home/home1	"Home directory set 1"