System Administration Guide: Network Services

set Subcommand

This subcommand sets properties to a share group. Note the following conditions:

A group can be associated with more than one protocol and can have different properties for each protocol.

This subcommand supports the following options:


Checks the validity of the command-line string.


Specifies a file-system type.


Specifies a property for the share group.


Specifies the security mode, such as sys, dh, or krb5. For more information about security modes, see the nfssec(5) man page.


Specifies the path to the share, which is a file or a directory.


Provides an online-help description.

This subcommand uses the following syntax:

# sharemgr set [-h] [-n] [-P protocol] [-s share-path] [-S security-mode] [-p property=value] share_group

The following example sets the user ID for unknown users in my_group to 1234546:

example01# sharemgr set -p anon=123456 my_group

In the next example, the following occurs:

example02# sharemgr create -P nfs -p rw=true -p nosuid=true my_group	
example02# sharemgr set -P nfs -p nosuid=false my_group