System Administration Guide: Network Services

enable Subcommand

Use this subcommand to share (or enable) the shares in the groups that you specify. Note that the groups you create are enabled by default. You must use this subcommand to enable a group that has previously been disabled with the disable subcommand.

Note –

If you specify a protocol, only the groups that are associated with that protocol are enabled.

This subcommand supports the following options:


Specifies all groups


Checks the validity of the command-line string


Specifies a file-system type


Provides an online-help description

This subcommand uses the following syntax:

# sharemgr enable [-h] [-n] [-P protocol] [share_group | -a]

The following example shares (or enables) the shares in all groups that use NFS.

example01# sharemgr enable -P NFS -a

In this next example, all shares in my_group are shared (or enabled).

example02# sharemgr enable my_group