System Administration Guide: Network Services

disable Subcommand

Use this subcommand to unshare (or disable) the shares in the groups that you specify. This subcommand can be reversed by using the enable subcommand.

Note –

If you specify a protocol, only the groups that are associated with that protocol are disabled.

This subcommand supports the following options:


Specifies all groups


Checks the validity of the command-line string


Specifies a file-system type


Provides an online-help description

This subcommand uses the following syntax:

# sharemgr disable [-h] [-P protocol] [share_group | -a]

The following example unshares (or disables) the shares in all groups that use NFS.

example01# sharemgr disable -P NFS -a

In this next example, all shares in my_group are unshared (or disabled).

example02# sharemgr disable my_group