Developer's Guide to Oracle Solaris Security

Wrapping Messages With gss_wrap()

Messages can be wrapped by the gss_wrap() function. Like gss_get_mic(), gss_wrap() provides a MIC. gss_wrap() also encrypts a given message if confidentiality is requested and permitted by the underlying mechanism. The message receiver unwraps the message with gss_unwrap().

Unlike gss_get_mic(), gss_wrap() wraps the message and the MIC together in the outgoing message. The function that transmits the bundle need be called only once. On the other end, gss_unwrap() extracts the message. The MIC is not visible to the application.

gss_wrap() returns GSS_S_COMPLETE if the message was successfully wrapped. If the requested QOP is not valid, GSS_S_BAD_QOP is returned. For an example of gss_wrap(), see Wrapping and Sending a Message.