Developer's Guide to Oracle Solaris Security

PKCS #11 Functions: C_GetMechanismList()

C_GetMechanismList() gets a list of mechanism types that are supported by the specified token. C_GetMechanismList() uses the following syntax:

C_GetMechanismList(CK_SLOT_ID slotID, CK_MECHANISM_TYPE_PTR pMechanismList, 
CK_ULONG_PTR pulCount);

slotID identifies the slot for the token. pulCount is a pointer to the location to receive the number of mechanisms. When pMechanismList is set to NULL_PTR, the number of mechanisms is returned in *pulCount. Otherwise, *pulCount must be set to the size of the list and pMechanismList points to the buffer to hold the list.

When PKCS #11 Soft Token is plugged in, C_GetMechanismList() returns the following list of supported mechanisms:

In addition to CKR_FUNCTION_FAILED, CKR_GENERAL_ERROR, CKR_HOST_MEMORY, and CKR_OK, C_GetSlotlist() uses the following return values:

The following return values are relevant for plug-ins with hardware tokens: