System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

ProcedureHow to Extract an Audio Track on a CD

Use the following procedure to extract an audio track from a CD and copy the audio track to a new CD.

If you don't use the cdrw -T option to specify the audio file type, the cdrw command uses the filename extension to determine the audio file type. For example, the cdrw command detects that this file is a .wav file.

$ cdrw -x 1 testme.wav
  1. Insert an audio CD into the CD-RW drive.

  2. Extract an audio track.

    $ cdrw -x -T audio-type 1 audio-file

    Extracts audio data from an audio CD.

    T audio-type

    Identifies the type of audio file to be extracted. Supported audio types are sun, wav, cda, or aur.


    Identifies the audio track to be extracted.

  3. Copy the track to a new CD.

    $ cdrw -a audio-file

Example 4–3 Extracting and Creating Audio CDs

The following example shows how to extract the first track from an audio CD and name the file song1.wav.

$ cdrw -x -T wav 1 song1.wav
Extracting audio from track 1...done.

This example shows how to copy a track to an audio CD.

$ cdrw -a song1.wav
Initializing device...done.
Writing track 1...done.
Finalizing (Can take several minutes)...done.