System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems

ProcedureHow to Copy a CD

This procedure describes how to extract all the tracks from an audio CD into a directory and then copy all of them onto a blank CD.

Note –

By default, the cdrw command copies the CD into the /tmp directory. The copying might require up to 700 Mbytes of free space. If there is insufficient space in the /tmp directory for copying the CD, use the -m option to specify an alternate directory.

  1. Insert an audio CD into a CD-RW drive.

  2. Create a directory for the audio files.

    $ mkdir /music_dir
  3. Extract the tracks from the audio CD.

    $ cdrw -c -m music_dir

    An Extracting audio ... message is display for each track.

    The CD is ejected when all the tracks are extracted.

  4. Insert a blank CD and press Return.

    After the tracks are extracted, the audio CD is ejected. You are prompted to insert a blank CD.

Example 4–4 Copying a CD

This example shows how to copy one CD to another CD. You must have two CD-RW devices to do this task.

$ cdrw -c -s cdrom0 -d cdrom1