System Administration Guide: Solaris Printing

Managing Printer Queues

The Print Manager Queue pane lists all the printers in the currently selected group. You can manage printer queues in the Queue pane of the Print Manager window or from the application's Printer menu.

The Queue pane shows the type, name, and current status of each printer queue. The default printer queue is marked, if the queue is in the currently-selected group. Double-clicking a printer queue icon opens its job list in a new Job List window, where you can view the status of any pending print jobs.

From the View menu, you can choose to view the printer queues in the Queue pane as icons or as a list.

From the Sort by menu item, you can choose from the following sort options:


Sorts printer queues by name, in the locale's sort order. This is the default sort order.


Sorts printer queues by description, in the locale's alphabetical order.


Sorts printer queues by Ready printers first (alphabetical), then by printers with one or more pending print jobs.

Number of Jobs

Sorts printer queues by number of pending print jobs, from lowest to highest.