Solaris CIFS Administration Guide

Identity Mapping Service

The Solaris OS includes an identity mapping service that enables you to map identities between Solaris systems and Windows systems.

This identity mapping service supports the following types of mappings between Windows security identities (SIDs) and Solaris user IDs and group IDs (UIDs and GIDs):

The idmap utility can be used to create and manage the name-based mappings and to monitor the mappings in effect.

For more information about mapping user and group identities, see Mapping User and Group Identities. For information about how to determine your identity mapping strategy, see Creating Your Identity Mapping Strategy. For instructions on how to use the idmap command, see Managing Directory-Based Identity Mapping for Users and Groups (Task Map), Managing Rule-Based Identity Mapping for Users and Groups (Task Map), and the idmap(1M) man page.