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Sun Fire X2250 Server Service Manual




1. Sun Fire X2250 Server Overview

1.1 Features

1.2 Operating System and Software

1.2.1 Preinstalled Software

1.2.2 Supported Operating Systems

1.2.3 Tools & Drivers CD Software

1.2.4 System Management

1.3 Hardware System Overview

1.3.1 Front and Rear Panels

1.3.2 Internal Components

1.4 Powering On and Powering Off the Server

1.4.1 Applying Standby Power for Initial Service Processor Configuration

1.4.2 Powering On Main Power Mode

1.4.3 Shutting Down Main Power Mode

1.4.4 Clearing the CMOS

1.5 Customer-Orderable Components

2. Troubleshooting

2.1 Troubleshooting Overview

2.2 Performing Visual Inspections

2.2.1 Performing an External Visual Inspection

2.2.2 Performing an Internal Visual Inspection

2.3 Troubleshooting Procedures

2.4 Getting Technical Assistance

3. Performing Diagnostics

3.1 Pc-Check Diagnostics Overview

3.1.1 Accessing the Pc-Check Diagnostics Software

3.2 System Information Menu Options

3.3 Advanced Diagnostics Tests Menu Options

3.3.1 Testing the Hard Disk

3.4 Immediate Burn-in Testing

3.4.1 Loading Scripts for Immediate Burn-in Testing

3.5 Deferred Burn-in Testing

3.5.1 Creating and Saving Scripts for Deferred Burn-in Testing

3.6 Create Diagnostic Partition Option

3.6.1 Removing Existing Partitions From a Hard Disk

3.6.2 Adding a Diagnostic Partition to the First Bootable Disk

3.6.3 Creating a Log File on the Diagnostic Partition

3.6.4 Accessing the Diagnostic Partition on a Red Hat Linux System

3.6.5 Accessing the Diagnostic Partition on the Solaris 10 Operating System

3.6.6 Accessing the Diagnostic Partition on the Windows Server 2003 Operating System

3.7 Show Results Summary

3.8 Print Results Report

3.9 About Pc-Check

3.10 Exit to DOS

4. Maintaining the Sun Fire X2250 Server

4.1 Tools and Supplies Needed

4.2 Installation Precautions

4.2.1 ESD Precautions

4.2.2 Preinstallation Instructions

4.2.3 Postinstallation Instructions

4.3 Powering Off the Server and Removing the Cover

4.4 Locations of Server Components

4.5 Component Replacement Procedures

4.5.1 Replacing the I/O Board Removing the I/O Board Installing the I/O Board

4.5.2 Replacing the PCIe Card and Riser Assembly Removing the Riser Assembly and PCIe Card Installing the PCIe Card and Riser Card Assembly

4.5.3 Replacing a Hard Disk Drive and Carrier Removing an HDD and Carrier Installing an HDD and Carrier

4.5.4 Replacing an HDD Backplane Assembly Removing an HDD Backplane Replacing an HDD Backplane

4.5.5 Removing and Installing the ODD Drive Assembly Removing the ODD Drive Assembly Installing the ODD Drive Assembly

4.5.6 Replacing the Air Duct Removing the Air Duct Installing the Air Duct

4.5.7 Replacing the Power Supply Removing the Power Supply Installing the Power Supply

4.5.8 Replacing the Single Fan Module Removing the Fan Module Installing the Fan Module

4.5.9 Replacing the Dual Blower Module Removing the Dual Blower Module Installing the Dual Blower Module

4.5.10 Replacing Memory Modules DIMM Population Rules Removing a DIMM Installing a DIMM

4.5.11 Replacing the System Battery Removing the System Battery Installing the System Battery

4.5.12 Replacing a CPU and Heatsink Removing a CPU and Heatsink Installing a Replacement CPU

4.5.13 Installing a New CPU

4.5.14 Replacing Cables

4.5.15 .Motherboard Removing the Motherboard Installing the Motherboard

A. System Specifications

A.1 Physical Specifications

A.2 Power Specifications

A.3 Environmental Specifications

A.4 Serial Connector Pin Assignments

B. Using the Tools & Drivers CD

B.1 Tools & Drivers CD Contents

B.2 Updating BIOS

B.2.1 Updating Sun Fire X2250 BIOS Using the DVD Drive

B.2.2 Updating Sun Fire X2250 BIOS From a Remote Client

B.3 Updating SP Firmware


B.3.1.1 Updating ILOM SP Firmware Using the CLI

B.3.2 ILOM Web Interface

B.3.2.1 Updating SP Firmware

B.4 Booting the Tools & Drivers CD From a PXE Server

B.4.1 Setting up the Tools & Drivers CD Image on the PXE Server

B.4.1.1 Setting Up the PXE Server

B.4.2 Accessing the Tools & Drivers CD From the Target Sun Fire X2250 Server

B.4.2.1 Accessing the Tools & Drivers CD From the Target Server

B.5 Intel PROSET Driver Software

B.5.1 Installing the Intel PROSET Driver Software

B.6 Updating FRU PROM When the System Mainboard is Replaced

C. Installing the Server Into a Rack With Optional Slide Rails

C.1 Disassembling the Slide Rails Before Installation

C.2 Installing the Mounting Brackets Onto the Server

C.3 Attaching the Slide-Rail Assemblies to the Rack

C.4 Installing the Server Into the Slide-Rail Assemblies

C.5 Installing the Cable Management Assembly

C.6 Verifying Operation of the Slide Rails and CMA