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Sun Fire X4100 and Sun Fire X4200 Servers Product Notes





1. LSI Firmware, Service Processor, and BIOS Issues

LSI Firmware Issues

Current Issues

RAID Volume Requires 64 Mbytes of Unpartitioned HDD Space for Metadata (6312581)

Hard-Disk Drive Resynchronization Completion Indicated By Optimal Status in LSI Firmware Version 1.08 (6389986)

Resolved Issues

RAID 1 Volume Cannot Be Created, Partition Warnings Displayed (6310074)

LSI MPT BIOS Does Not Provide Low-Level, Hard-Disk Drive Formatting Functionality (6301350)

Service Processor Issues

Current Issues

Service Processor Neither Logs Event Nor Provides Visual Alert After Hard Disk Removed (6306536)

Service Processor and USB Interactions Interrupt the OS (6277725)

Installing OS Using Redirected Samsung SN-124 CD-ROM Drive Might Not Work (6279896)

Unimplemented SNMP Traps (6300437)

Other SNMP Issues

SP Does Not Handle SNMP Traps (6396525)

Break Key Does Not Work in Secure Shell (SSH) Session or From JavaRConsole (6306610)

JavaRConsole Might Crash During External CD-ROM Redirection (6306010)

External Storage Redirection Error Messages Might Be Erroneous

Accessibility Issues

Incorrect Name Used for Rear Fan Tray (6323731)

Resolved Issues

Network Port Does Not Operate at 10 Mbyte/sec (6302923)

WebGUI Displays Incorrect Thresholds (6316706)

Cannot Log in to Service Processor with 16-Character Passwords with ILOM Web GUI or CLI (6286187)

Serial Port Speed Setting Reverts to 9600 After Exiting CLI Session (6298521)

Serial Console Access Over SSH Might Lock Up When Using start -script Command (6337909)

System Hangs During POST (6618895)

BIOS Issues

Current Issues

BIOS 36 Improves Stability of DIMMs By Disabling PowerDown Mode

System Connected to External Storage Device Using PCI Card in Slot 0 Might Not Boot from Internal Disk (6268877)

System Does Not Boot up with Emulex LP10000 Card Enabled (6306640)

BIOS Boot Order Lost After Reset Testing (6302703)

Resolved Issues

System Does Not Detect Supported HBA Card During Bootup Process (6272514)

HDD Order Changes in BIOS Settings After Installing HBA Card (6308569)

BIOS Date and Time and Optimal Defaults Must be Reset After Certain System Events (6379898)

Upgrading BIOS Without Changing and Saving Optimal Defaults Might Result in Increased Memory Latency (6306622, 6299794)

DIMM Fault LEDs Do Not Work (6324863)

Qimonda DIMMs Return Manufacturer Mismatch Warning Message During POST (6519087)

Server Goes Into BIOS Recovery Mode when Control-Alt-Delete Keys Are Pressed (6386222)

Systems with More Than Three PCI Cards PXE-Booting Return Error Message (6403173)

2. Software Issues

Solaris 10 Operating System Issues

Current Issues

Drives Moved From Two-Drive System to Four-Drive System Might Not Operate Correctly (6300178)

Solaris 10 3/05 x86 OS Patch Cluster Installation Required Before Installing Patches for Some Host Bus Adapters (6312352)

Do Not Use raidctl Command in Solaris 10 3/05 OS (6228874)

Ignore Bootup Message: Method or service exit timed out (6297813)

Solaris 10 OS Installation From CD Media Hangs When the Second Disc is Inserted (6374024)

AMD Erratum 131 Warning Message Can Be Safely Ignored During Solaris OS Startup (6438926, 6447850)

Sun Installation Assistant Issues

Current Issues

RHEL4: Cannot Enable Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) (6288799)

Ignore Kudzu Messages After Installing RHEL3 or RHEL4 (6290559)

Resolved Issues

The ext3 File System Reports Errors After Red Hat Linux Installation Using Sun Installation Assistant CD (6336064)

Linux Operating System Issues

Current Issues

RHEL3U9 (32-bit) Reverses Mapping of Ethernet Ports After BIOS Upgrade (6623425)

Hard-Disk Drive Display Omits Disk Listing At Installation When Multiple SCSI disks Are Attached to System on RHEL4 U4 (6447738)

Duplicate Devices Seen by Linux OS if External RAID Array Connects to Server Through Ultra320 SCSI (6220406)

List of Attached Hard-Disk Drives for the Pyramid (Qlogic) and Summit Option Cards is Not Displayed in Red Hat Linux (6460883)

Graceful Shutdown Not Available on Non-ACPI Supported Linux OS (6278514)

External Hard-Disk Drives Attached to Emulex HBA Are Not Recognized Because RHEL3 U8 Does Not Automatically Load Emulex Drivers (6447329, 6460769)

Base Versions of Linux Distributions Shipped By Sun Must Be Upgraded to Receive Full Sun Support

Unloading QLogic Drivers Might Be Necessary Before Installing Updated Drivers (6312342, 6314923)

Translation Look-Aside Buffer (TLB) Reload Causes Errors With Certain Linux Software (6296473)

AMD PowerNow! Might Cause System Clock to Lose Ticks (6281771)

RHEL3: I/O Errors Are Displayed When Initializing USB Mass Storage Device (6241851)

RHEL3: Kernel Might Report Incorrect CPU Information on Dual Core Processors (6241701)

RHEL3 U5 (64-bit): Ignore Keyboard reset failed Message (6306118)

Cannot Access External Storage Attached to Emulex and Qlogic HBA Cards During RHEL3 U8 Installation (6447329)

Server Might Reboot Sun Fire X4100 Server when MTU is Set to 9K on Kirkwood Interface (6335741)

SLES9 64-Bit: Incorrect CPU Speeds Reported When PowerNow! is Enabled (6287519)

SLES9 SP1: Multipath Driver Does Not Work After Reboot (6332988)

SLES9 64-Bit: System Does Not Boot With Supported HBA Card Plugged Into Slot 0 (6307424)

Resolved Issues

Infinite Reboot Loop Cycle in RHEL4 U3 With smp Kernel, BIOS 31/34/36, and Single Dual-Core CPU (6466105)

RHEL3 U7 32-Bit Installation Might Hang when any PCI Card is in a PCI Slot Other than PCI 0 (6402552, 6404116, 6404944, 6407997)

Windows Server 2003 Operating System Issues

Current Issues

VGA Output Unavailable After Headless Boot (6598754)

Bootup Time Affected by Degraded RAID Volume (6297804)

OS Cannot Be Installed on LSI RAID Array if RAID is Not Recognized as First Storage Device (6297723)

Alert and Power Failure LEDs Might Illuminate If AMD PowerNow! Feature is Enabled (6310814)

Windows Utility mkfloppy.exe Does Not Select Correct Floppy Drive if More Than One Floppy Drive is Present

Resolved Issues

Backup/Restore Functions in LSI MyStorage Causes Severe Problems (6456252)

Systems with Under 4 GB Memory Fail to Resume from Hibernation when Running Windows Server 2003 with BIOS 34 (6457304)

VMWare ESX Issues

Current Issues

ESX Installation Stops (6549480)

ESX Does Not See Keyboard and Mouse (6550504)

Sun VTS Bootable Diagnostics CD Issues

Current Issues

Meter Button in Bootable Diagnostics CD, Version 2.1f Does Not Work (6465167)

Ignore Messages When Booting from Sun VTS Bootable Diagnostics CD .iso Image, Version 2.1f (6470488)

Resolved Issues

SunVTS ramtest Might Cause System to Reboot When Testing More Than Seven Hours (6369893)

3. Hardware Issues

Current Issues

Qualified DC Power Supplies for Sun Fire X4100 and Sun Fire X4200 Servers

AMD PowerNow! Feature Supported Only on Qualified CPUs

Non-Recommended Optical Mouse Devices and Keyboards (6299692, 6317710, 6304725)

Support for New 4-GB DIMMs Requires Gasket Installation and Upgrade to BIOS 36

HDD LEDs Bleed Through to Adjacent LEDs (6286872)

Extremely Low Temperatures Reported for Idle Processors (6554392)

4. Documentation Issues

Current Issues

Documentation Titles Changed

ILOM Supplement Incorrectly Identifies Back Panel Connectors (6603985)