C H A P T E R  3

Downloading Server-Specific Driver Packages

This chapter describes how to download the server-specific driver packages needed for Windows Server 2003 installation.

Note - If you have the Tools and Drivers CD (or Resource CD 705-1438-11 or later), you can skip this chapter and proceed to Chapter 4. You can use the CD for initial installation of the server-specific drivers.

The server-specific driver packages available for Windows Server 2003 installation are:

Note - The full name of the driver packages incorporates a version identifier before the file extension, for example, FloppyPack_1_1_2.zip. This identifier is left out of the file names in this document for purposes of clarity.

To download the drivers:

17. Go to the driver download site.


18. Do one of the following:

19. Make sure that the driver packages are available as you begin the operating system installation. Proceed to Chapter 4 to select the delivery methods.