C H A P T E R  6

Configuring the JavaRConsole System

This chapter describes how to set up the JavaRConsole system to deliver the mass storage drivers and Windows Server 2003 media for operating system installation.

Note - If you have chosen both the Diskette Local and Windows Local delivery methods in Chapter 4, proceed to Chapter 7.

Note - This procedure does not provide detailed instructions for setting up the JavaRConsole hardware. See the Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Administration Guide 819-1160, for further information.

JavaRConsole System Requirements

The requirements for the JavaRConsole system are:

Note - This procedure assumes that the JavaRConsole system and ILOM service processor have been set up according to the instructions in the Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Administration Guide 819-1160.

Setting Up the JavaRConsole System

To set up the JavaRConsole system:

1. Start the remote console application by typing the IP address of the Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) service processor into a browser on the JavaRConsole system.

FIGURE 6-1 URL Sample

Screenshot of URL sample in browser

The Security Alert dialog box displays.

FIGURE 6-2 Security Alert Dialog Box

Screenshot of Security Alert dialog box

2. Click Yes.

The ILOM login screen displays.

FIGURE 6-3 Login Screen

Screen shot of Login screen

3. Enter the user name and password, and then click Log In.

The default user name is root and default password is changeme.

The ILOM Version Information screen displays.

FIGURE 6-4 ILOM GUI Version Information Screen

Screenshot of ILOM GUI Version Information screen

4. Click the Remote Control tab.

The Launch Redirection screen displays.

Note - Make sure that the mouse mode is set to Absolute mode in the Mouse Mode Settings tab.

FIGURE 6-5 ILOM GUI Remote Control Screen

Screenshot of ILOM GUI Remote Control screen

5. Select 8-bit color or 16-bit color, and then click Launch Redirection.

Note - When using a Windows system for JavaRConsole System redirection, an additional warning displays after clicking Launch Redirection. If the Hostname Mismatch dialog box displays, click the Yes button.

FIGURE 6-6 Hostname Mismatch Dialog Box

Screenshot of Hostname Mismatch dialog box

The Remote Control Login Dialog box displays.

FIGURE 6-7 Remote Control Login Dialog Box

Screenshot of Remote Control Login dialog box

6. In the Remote Control Login dialog box, enter your user name and password and click OK.

The default user name is root and the password is changeme.

After the login is successful, the JavaRConsole screen displays.

FIGURE 6-8 JavaRConsole Devices Menu

Screenshot of JavaRConsole Devices menu

7. From the Devices menu, select one diskette item and/or one CD item according to the delivery method you have chosen.

caution icon Caution - Using the CD-ROM Remote or CD-ROM Image options to install the Windows Server 2003 will significantly increase the time necessary to perform the installation as the content of the CD-ROM is accessed over the network. The installation duration will depend on the network connectivity and traffic.