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Sun Fire X4100 M2/X4200 M2 Server Windows Operating System Installation Guide




1. Getting Started

About Windows Server Installation

Important Installation Considerations

Supported Windows Operating Systems

Assisted Installation Using Sun Installation Assistant (SIA)

SIA Media Availability, Updates and Documentation

Manual Installation

2. Downloading Server-Specific Driver Packages

3. Selecting the Delivery Methods

Select a Mass Storage Drivers Method

Select a Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 Distribution Media Method

4. Prepare for Mass Storage Driver Delivery

Create a Floppy Disk

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Create a Floppy Disk for the Sun Fire Server

Copy the Floppy Image File

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Copy the Floppy Image File

5. Configure the JavaRConsole System

JavaRConsole System Requirements

Setting Up the JavaRConsole System

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Set Up the JavaRConsole System

6. Installing Windows Server 2003

Installation Requirements

Installing the Operating System

7. Installing Windows Server 2008

Installation Requirements

Installing the Operating System

8. Update the Critical Server-Specific Drivers

Updating the Server-Specific Drivers

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Update the Server-Specific Drivers

Installing Supplemental Software

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install Supplemental Software

Additional Information for Supplemental Software

Managing RAID Using the MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM)

Using Intel NIC Teaming

Multi-Vendor Teaming

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Access Intel NIC Teaming Configuration Settings

Learning More About Intel NIC Teaming

Completing the IPMItool Installation


procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install Microsoft’s IPMI System Management Driver (Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2)

9. Incorporating Sun Fire Server Drivers Into WIM or RIS Images

Determine Required Drivers

Add Drivers to a WIM Image

Before you Begin

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Add Drivers to the WIM Image

Adding Drivers to a RIS Image

Before you Begin

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Add Drivers to a RIS Image

A. Configuring RAID for Any Operating System from the BIOS

B. Configure Windows Network Communication Settings With Multiple Network Interfaces

procedure iconsmall spaceDetermine Which Network Data Ports Are Actively Connected to a Network

procedure iconsmall spaceConfirm Physical Port MAC Addresses and Match Them to Window Device Names