C H A P T E R  3

Hardware Issues

This describes hardware issues related to the Sun Fire X4100 and Sun Fire X4200 servers, and includes these topics:

Note - If an issue statement does not specify a particular platform, the issue applies to all platforms.

Current Issues

Qualified DC Power Supplies for Sun Fire X4100 and Sun Fire X4200 Servers

DC power supplies can be ordered as a factory installed option, or they can be ordered and used to replace existing AC power supplies in the field.

caution icon Caution - It is a violation of UL rules to add a DC power supply into a chassis that does not have the DC label indicating the correct safety information. (There is no functional difference that would prevent this, aside from the DC label.)

caution icon Caution - Do not mix AC and DC power supplies in the same server.

Use the following option number (X-option) to order the factory-installed option:


Use the following FRU number to order individual power supplies with cables:

FRU number:  300-2006-01

AMD PowerNow! Feature Supported Only on Qualified CPUs

Support for AMD’s PowerNow! feature is added with the Release 1.2 firmware and BIOS upgrade. At this time, only certain CPUs have been qualified by Sun in the Sun Fire X4100 or Sun Fire X4200 servers:

Non-Recommended Optical Mouse Devices and Keyboards (6299692, 6317710, 6304725)

The following Sun optical mouse devices are not recommended for use on the Sun Fire X4100 or Sun Fire X4200 servers:

The following two keyboards are not recommended for use on the front bottom USB port on the Sun Fire X4200 server.

Support for New 4-GB DIMMs Requires Gasket Installation and Upgrade to BIOS 36

Note - If you are installing 4-GB DIMMs to a Sun Fire X4100 or Sun Fire X4200 server that did not previously have 4-GB DIMMs installed, you must first have BIOS 36 or later installed. BIOS 36 was included with Software Release 1.2.1. Refer to the Sun Fire X4100 and Sun Fire X4200 Servers Release Notes For Software Release 1.2.1, 819-4344.

caution icon Caution - If you install 4-GB DIMMs in a Sun Fire X4100 or Sun Fire X4200 server that did not previously have 4-GB DIMMs, you must install gaskets on the main cover to ensure containment of electrical emissions.

Use the following procedure to install the 4-GB DIMMs and gaskets.

1. Ensure that the DIMM slot ejectors at each end of the memory socket are fully open (rotated outward) to accept the new DIMM.

2. Align the notch in the bottom edge of the DIMM with the key in the DIMM socket.

3. Press down evenly on both top corners of the DIMM until the ejectors snap over the cutouts in the left and right edges of the DIMM.

4. If you installed 4-GB DIMMs to a server that did not previously have 4-GB DIMMs installed, do one of the following:

a. Remove the existing gaskets from the underside of the main cover. See FIGURE 3-1 for the location.

b. Remove any adhesive left from the old gaskets by cleaning the areas with isopropyl alcohol.

c. Remove the backing strip from the adhesive on one of the new gaskets.

d. Set the new gasket in place, being careful to align the end of the gasket with the front edge of the main cover. See FIGURE 3-1.

e. Press down on the gasket to remove any trapped air and secure it firmly to the main cover.

f. Install the remaining gasket on the main cover.

FIGURE 3-1 Location of Main Cover Gasket

Removing a DIMM after opening the memory slot’s ejector levers. The alignment notch on the center bottom edge of the DIMM is called out.


None. This is expected behavior.

HDD LEDs Bleed Through to Adjacent LEDs (6286872)


When the HDD activity LED is blinking, it can appear that the adjacent fault LED is blinking.


This issue is caused by interconnection of the LED light-pipes.


A redesign of the LED light pipes was implemented on servers shipping after January 2006 to fix this problem.

Extremely Low Temperatures Reported for Idle Processors (6554392)

When PowerNow is enabled, idle processors shut down to conserve power. This disables the the sensor, causing extremely low temperatures to be reported:

# ipmitool -H td60-sp -U root -P changeme sdr | grep t_core
p0.t_core        | 1 degrees C       | ok
p1.t_core        | 1 degrees C       | ok

This is a feature of the AMD processor and cannot be changed.